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Company History

Mr. Samuel Scholey together with an architect partner formed Rotherham Sand & Gravel in 1930, to supply washed sand and gravel to the building and construction market from Scrooby Top Quarry. The offices were then at Devonshire house in Rotherham, hence the name The Rotherham Sand & Gravel Company Limited.

In the early days ballast was loaded by hand into tubs on a narrow guage railway system and transported to the processing plant, which was one of the first washing plants to be built. The original lorries that transported the washed sand and gravel to site were extremely small by modern standards, carrying only two or three tons. The quarry continued through the 1930's and developed an enviable reputation for producing quality materials. During the Second World War large tonnages were produced to supply the airfields being built in the area. About this time W. Scholey took over the business from his father.

Through the 1950's and 1960's different grades and colours of sand from the deposit were developed. In the late 1970's RMC mortars chose Scrooby Top Quarry to site one of their first ready mixed mortar plants due to the particular suitability of our Scrooby Grey Building Sand to accepting the pigments used to produce a wide range of coloured sand and lime mortars.

In 1976 the company received one of the first restoration awards presented by the Sand and Gravel Association now amalgamated into the Mineral Products Association for the restoration and after use at its Auckland Farm Quarry.

The present managing director Paul Scholey took over the reins in 1981 and continued to expand the quality products and services available including decorative aggregates screened soils and clays for lining lakes, canals and landfill sites. In 1991 Batchmix was established to supply ready mixed concrete and floor screed with the same high standards of quality and customer service that had long been a hallmark of Rotherham Sand and Gravel.

In 2003 the company invested significantly in a complete redevelopment of Scrooby Top Quarry including a new washing plant, concrete plant, bagging plant and office facilities. This investment ensures that Rotherham Sand & Gravel will continue to meet the quality and service expectations of its customers well into the future.